Our Story

Beginning and ending with a commitment to the environment

Greenhaven Preserve is a 10-acre natural burial cemetery devoted to the long-term preservation and guardianship of the sacred land upon which it rests. Our mission is to restore and protect the surrounding fields and forests, waters and wildlife, views and vistas while providing a simple, meaningful and sustainable alternative to modern burial.

Our story begins with a commitment to preserve and protect our environment. Specifically, 360 acres of breathtaking countryside nestled in rural Eastover, South Carolina. Our story – our mission – is rooted in this unique, thriving ecosystem.

When we learned about the resurgence of the centuries old practice of natural burial, we immediately recognized it as an opportunity to safeguard this precious landscape. The more studies we unearthed on the subject, the more convinced we became. The more passionate we grew about the positive, lasting impact of green burials.

With your commitment to Greenhaven Preserve, you help create a legacy of stewardship and renewal, ensuring that acre after acre of nature’s blessings endure forever.